• Deseret Haretatik

    From Deseret sands. From that desert. This project works on the basis of the word TIDAL. English word related to the tides, which Hebrew origin has a clear biblical connotation that nowadays refers to the pagan person. That is, the not baptized infidel. Pagan, however, also means the person who pays, usually by abuse, the others accounts or blames. Details
  • CaCO3 –> CaO + CO2 –> Zuloa (Hole)

    Sculpture exercise with two different planes extending from the same matrix. This work implies the return to the emptiness as a way of constructing alien circumstances beyond unique directions and hermetic paradigms.

    CaCO3 --> CaO + CO2 formula is linked to the "Solvay process", within the chemical process used for the industrial manufacture of sodium carbonate. The Spanish expression “una de cal y otra de arena” (our version for “one of lime and another of sand”) actually means that there is something totally antagonistic taking place. In this context both opposite materials appear deciphered and united adopting, paradoxically, the main vision code of the West: the rectangle.

  • Kaia

    Kaia is pier in Basque. It is also a feminine name variable of Kai (Hawaiian) y Kaya (Japanese, Zulu, Turkish, Hopi and Hindu) meaning sea, refuge or the desired descendent. The project especially attends to the dialogue that is generated by the strange link between the coastal space of Spiagge Bianche and the transformative artificiality of industry, confronting it with the typical representation of maritime culture: the pier. The pier being a presence trained in the wait's calm to be occupied by footsteps, and nevertheless, prepared to allow the boarding to the unpredictable. Details
  • Parallel look

    Ephemeral intervention performed with masking- tape (variable dimensions).

    Photographs on Dibond: 35x35 cm ea.
  • I wanna to know: 5 Conditions

    Limited materials | 15 days to do it | Naked torso | Neutral background | Black and white image