I wanna to know: 5 Conditions

Variable dimensions
Photographic Archive

Limited materials | 15 days to do it | Naked torso | Neutral background | Black and white image

A singular provocation incited in the family, where the opportunity of relinquishing assigned conventions and embracing the particular look of its members is offered. Even if initially refused, this eccentric invitation got quickly converted into a distraction from the daily routine during a fortnight. This project is a proof of their inclinations and curiosities, due to the fact that each of them provided me with their own sensitive perception, although unaware of it. As a result, the strictures – the ones assigned by the exercise as well as the ones established by convention – became symbolic reenactment opportunities through which work my renewed relationship with them.

Their testimony, photographs which I asked to be in black and white, were taken under the particular conditions of domestic photography, with an analogue camera they had at home, and without special lighting equipment, just a plain background pretending a stylish interest.

I want to know: 5 Conditions

I want to know: 5 Conditions